A quick and fun innovative process allows two static poses to literally come to life, all in less than a minute! By morphing images together guests receive a hand held picture-show that tells their story: they might blow a kiss, hug their spouse. Can be made into magnets, luggage tags, keychains, or lanyards.

Hover the images to see the magic!

Make sure your staff stands out from the crowd with our unique and creative ID Photos!

Make your client’s guests feel like they are a star at their own photo shot, then place in a magazine template of your choice (either green screen or white backdrop are available for this photo station).

Instant 3D photography, no glasses required: This type of photo op takes ONE photo and places it in a 3D interlaced environment that makes the image pop right out of the photo—similar to a hologram.

We take 6 seconds of video of you and snap 60 pictures from the take. The result is a 2×3″ mini hand-help flip book with you as the star.

These are our custom flip strips to make your photo experience even more unique!

Flip Strip1
Flip Strip2